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Property owners have a three-fold responsibility when it comes to insurance:

1) Preserve their property and its surroundings
2) Protect tenants and guests
3) Keep the public from harm

At the same time they face unique challenges, including hard-to-place insurance coverages. At Rosenthal Brothers, we understand the needs of building owners and managers and provide specific coverage which meets their requirements.

Apartment Building Owners/Property Managers
Apartment Owners and Property Managers have unique exposures which require the experience of a broker who understands them. They must evaluate these exposures on a routine basis to determine their possible liability and financial loss, then carry the appropriate insurance to match the liability and property damage risks. At Rosenthal Brothers, we have the tools, training and expertise to properly evaluate your total risk and the provide the proper amount of coverage.

Commercial Property Owners
  • Multi-Tenant Dwellings and     Apartment Complexes
  • Office Buildings
  • Retail Buildings
  • Heavy Industrial Buildings
  • Light Industrial Buildings
  • Our property insurance specialists have extensive expertise in commercial buildings and Lessors Risk. We stay on top of current real estate trends and market conditions to ensure the best available protection. Our expertise extends to a wide range of tenant occupancy profiles. Whether you are seeking to protect retail strips with restaurant exposures or industrial buildings with heavy manufacturing, we can put together the right program to meet your needs.

    At Rosenthal Brothers, our portfolio of risk management services include:
    • Loss Control and Site Surveys
    • Review of leases (both as lessor and lessee)
    • Mortgage Document Review
    • Comprehensive Property Analysis – performed by qualified 3rd party risk advisor
    • Compliance Assessment – well versed in federal, state, municipal and local requirements
    • Claim Review
    • Boiler and Machinery
    • Umbrella and Excess Liability
    • Real Estate Errors & Omissions
    • Loss Prevention and Risk Management Resources
    • Advanced Online Certificate Procedures
    In addition, at Rosenthal we help you to achieve your goals and drive down your cost of risk by applying our expertise in the following to your business:
    • Lender Requirements
    • Terrorism
    • Contract Review
    • Insurance to Value Expertise in accordance with Marshall & Swift
    • Insurance Premium Allocations
    • Environmental Risk Transfer
    • Business Continuity Planning
    • Windstorm and Earthquake
    • Owner-Controlled Insurance Programs
    • Operational Property Risk Review