Business Services

As a business owner, there are major exposures that put service-based companies at risk. While companies within the service industry may not sell a physical product, they often promise to deliver either tasks or guaranteed results. Should your company fail to provide these services, having the appropriate insurance coverage is critical to protecting yourself against alleged negligence.




Rosenthal Brothers partners with all types of manufactures. Our broad experience within manufacturing is a major asset to our clients, as there are many serious exposures to your operations. Rosenthal Brothers is committed to understanding your operations inside and out to best protect you against the inherent risks to your operation.


Hospitality / Restaurants

The hospitality industry includes a wide array of businesses. This includes restaurants, bars, hotels and resorts, caterers and more. While each of these operations have their differences, they share many common exposures such as liquor liability, foodborne illnesses, slip and fall liability claims, power outages, and all property damage hazards that any company faces. As your insurance advisor, Rosenthal Brothers works hand-in-hand with you to best understand your specific operations so as to most effectively protect your company.

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Rosenthal Brothers has access to some of the most competitive trucking insurance companies around. Whether you are an independent owner-operator or you employ an entire fleet, our expertise is an invaluable asset to our logistics clients.


Distributors / Wholesalers

As a distributor or wholesaler, your business is among the last to touch the product before reaching the retailer and consumer. While your company may not manufacture the product, there are many situations in which your company can be held liable for incidents occurring to the end consumer. As your insurance advisor, Rosenthal Brothers carefully reviews your operations to assess all of your risks within this supply chain.


Retail Businesses

With the constant foot traffic and the influx of new merchandise, protecting your business is crucial in a retail environment. Every business is different, and every plan needs to be adjusted accordingly. We will safeguard you from patron accidents, theft, and all the exposures your business faces day to day. Our team will develop a plan best suited for your company.

Retail Businesses